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Just So You Know…

I have created calligraphy worksheet packages and an online video course that go from basic strokes to complete compositions. I have put a lot of work into them to make them a one-stop-shop for the style of calligraphy they offer. They cover the tools you’ll need, the basic strokes, connections, words flourishing, troubleshooting, and compositions. Check them out if you want:

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Modern Calligraphy/Copperplate Practice Sheets

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Blackletter (Gothic) Calligraphy Practice Sheets

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Tutorials to Get You Started

After you’ve downloaded and printed the practice sheets and have all the tools you’ll need to create calligraphy, here are the best introductory guides:

Don’t Have Calligraphy Tools?

No problem! Above is a list of tools I use. If you aren’t interested in buying tools yet, I have videos made for learning with stuff you already have!

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