Calligraphy Prompts: Tautograms for Each Letter of the Alphabet

Last Updated on April 21, 2024

Tautograms are a sentence or phrase where the first letter of every word is the same. It’s a great way to practice a letter more than the others if it is giving you issues. Below are a list of tautograms for each letter of the alphabet:

  1. A: Amazingly, Alice always asks about adventurous ants.
  2. B: Beautiful birds build big bustling nests.
  3. C: Clever cats chase curious cuddly creatures.
  4. D: Daring dogs dash down dark damp dens.
  5. E: Every evening, energetic elephants eat enormous eggs.
  6. F: Friendly frogs frolic freely for flowing streams.
  7. G: Graceful gazelles gracefully gallop across grassy grounds.
  8. H: Happy horses head hastily homeward.
  9. I: In icy igloos, inquisitive iguanas investigate intriguing icebergs.
  10. J: Joyful jays joyously jump jumbo junipers.
  11. K: Keen kangaroos kick kempt koalas..
  12. L: Lazy lions lounge lazily like leafy, luscious trees.
  13. M: Many monkeys munch massive mangoes merrily.
  14. N: Nimble newts navigate narrow, noisy neighborhoods.
  15. O: Outrageous ostriches often outperform other oversized birds.
  16. P: Playful puppies playfully pounce.
  17. Q: Quiet quails quietly quench.
  18. R: Radiant rabbits race rapidly.
  19. S: Silly squirrels stealthily steal sweet, succulent snacks.
  20. T: Tiny turtles tiptoe tenderly through tasty turf tufts.
  21. U: Unusual unicorns uniquely unveil unexpected undertakings.
  22. V: Vivacious voles vault vigorously.
  23. W: Wacky wolves wander wildly within whispering woods.
  24. X: Xenial xenops x-ray xanthic xylophones.
  25. Y: Young yellowjackets yield yummy yeast yields yearly.
  26. Z: Zealous zebras zigzag zestfully, zipping zealously.

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