How to do Monoline Calligraphy


What is Monoline Calligraphy? Monoline calligraphy may not be something you have heard of but odds are, you have done it. Let me explain. When a word is written in a ‘monoline’ style, it means that every line, letter and connection are written with the same consistent thickness. Though calligraphy is in the name, it … Read more

How to do Hand Lettering – 3D, Serif, Monoline, and More!

What is Hand Lettering? Hand lettering is the art of sketching letterforms by hand. It can be done with any writing instrument, like pens, pencils, markers and more, but it is helpful to have an erasable tool. What are The Differences Between Calligraphy, Hand Lettering and Typography? I have a whole post on this question, … Read more

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