Master Class Modern Brush Practice Sheets: From Individual Strokes to Complete Compositions

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I designed this 52 page PDF workbook to be a beginner friendly “one stop shop” for learning modern calligraphy with a brush pen. All of the information in one place and everything you need to practice to learn this script. Just grab a brush pen (I used a Tombow dual brush pen) and print this PDF on some paper, and in an afternoon you will be proud of how far you’ve come.

This 52 page PDF workbook covers:

  • How to hold the pen and apply pressure
  • The 6 basic strokes
  • Lowercase alphabet with stroke order and direction (26 Letters)
  • Uppercase alphabet with stroke order and direction (26 Letters)
  • Numbers and symbols (0-9, !?&)
  • Proper Connection of Letters practice (23 Connections)
  • Best practice words and sentences (10 Words)
  • 3 ways to vary your style with example alphabets
  • The 5 Guidelines of Flourishing with examples
  • Letter Flourishes and Abstract Flourishes
  • How to make Compositions
  • Composition Practice
  • Certificate of Completion

With the willingness to learn, this practice book, and practice time, you will able to write your own modern calligraphy compositions. I guarantee it.

If you have any problems, questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to send me a message at

Your support is very much appreciated!

This product is designed for brush tools.


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