“Casual” Style Signpainting Brush Practice Sheets (A-Z, 0-9)


The “Casual alphabet” is a loosely based set of letters with many variants that one may recognize, but may not know why. From used cars to fruit, it is commonly used when communicating a price or a sale. Since many people have adapted or changed these multi stroke letters, there is no official set. So therefore these practice sheets are my take on the casual alphabet. The final page is to give you some examples of what kind of uses this kind of lettering can be used for.


This 9-page worksheet set and accompanying video will be all you need to start sign painting or brush lettering “Casual Letters.” (and practice obviously :p ). Includes examples of all 26 capital letters (A-Z) (as there is no lowercase to this script) and all 10 numbers (0-9), with each stroke labelled with the correct order. It is not obvious how to make each stroke and what angle the marker or paintbrush is to be held. Therefore it is heavily suggested to watch the free accompanying YouTube video as mentioned. These sheets can be completed/practiced with a paintbrush as intended or any appropriately sized brush pen. Tombow Dual Brush Pen is ideal, as I used it to make the practice sheets.

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This product is designed for brush tools.

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