Downloading Your Digital Product


Whether you are about to purchase or seeing how it is done, thank you.

To Download Your Purchase from

1. Complete your Purchase

During the purchase, you will enter all of your information and the most important piece is the email the download link will be sent to. It’s easy to make a spelling mistake, and if you did, please contact to remedy the situation.

2. Check Your Email

Within 5 minutes of the payment clearing, an email with the title: “Your Calligrascape Order Download” will be sent to the email entered during the payment process. Open the email. NOTE: There is a small chance that depending on your email provider the email could go to the “Junk Mail” folder. If you have not received it within 5 minutes please check your junk mail folder.

3. Download your Product

Within the email are a few links, the one you want to click on is under the top table called “Download.” When clicked, you will be prompted to save the file to the folder of your choice on your computer.

4. That’s it!

Thanks again for your business, and I wish the best for you and your practice. If you have any further questions or concerns, please email me at

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