How to Learn Calligraphy Without Tools

Last Updated on June 3, 2024

The art of calligraphy is a great hobby that is pretty easy to pick up but difficult to master. With a steady hand, a few tools and a lot of practice you can create alphabets, sell art, design tattoos or make wedding invitations. The problem for many new writers seems to be they do not have access to the tools to start practicing or they want to try out the hobby without spending any money off the bat. I totally empathize with this mindset because at first, I couldn’t believe some pens were $10 (even though there are much more expensive tools). Now, I understand the benefits they offer but when first learning they are nice to have but not required. With practice and some searching within your house you can learn calligraphy basics and letter formation. If you are crafty and want a tool that is more similar to the real thing but want to make your own tools from stuff just laying around the house check out this post here.

First things first:

Look around your house for things to write with, and see if you can find anything on this list to start following the tutorials below!

Did you find any of the following? Then click the image:

Did I miss something? What should be on here? Comment below.

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