How to do Handlettering

Handlettering is a very popular hashtag and artform on Instagram. Where do you start? Honestly, most of it is just practicing and imitating letterforms. First, let’s get one thing clear, handlettering does not equal calligraphy. We could get into specifics, but generally calligraphy is writing letterforms while lettering is sketching letterforms. Honestly, I think it’s … Read more

Copperplate Calligraphy For Beginners – Basic Strokes & Free Practice Sheets

To learn copperplate calligraphy (also known as Engrosser’s script) is not an easy task. For those of us learning, it has a very steep learning curve and can be quite frustrating. But fear not! There are resources that can get you where you want to be. Of course it takes a lot of practice, but … Read more

The Best Tool for Blackletter Calligraphy (Pilot Parallel Review)

Pilot Parallel Pens Set of 4

Throughout the history of writing tools there have been 3 main tools that were used for Blackletter Calligraphy: the bamboo reed pen (4th century BC), the broad edge nib dip pen (5th century AD), and the fountain pen (19th century AD). These inventions were the most effective tools for the task of calligraphy at the time … Read more

How to Make a Calligraphy Pen


Hey! Glad you could make it! This page is a collection of ways I have found to make a calligraphy pen out of relatively common household objects. These tools give an opportunity for anyone who wants learn calligraphy to practice without having to make an online purchase of professional grade tools. I have many other … Read more

How to do Calligraphy with a Highlighter

Calligraphy with a highlighter

Calligraphy is a dynamic art form that can be made with a large variety of materials and tools. Like pencils,¬†highlighters can even be found in your office or your pencil drawer somewhere in your house. Once you have found a couple highlighters, grab them and bring them back here and start following this calligraphy video … Read more

How to Learn Calligraphy Without Tools

The art of calligraphy is a great hobby that is pretty easy to pick up but difficult to master. With a steady hand, a few tools and a lot of practice you can create alphabets, sell art, design tattoos or make wedding invitations. The problem for many new writers seems to be they do not … Read more

Difference Between Fountain Pen Ink and Calligraphy Ink

The differences between fountain pen ink and calligraphy ink are few but are still important. If you aren’t careful you can damage and even ruin certain tools like fountain pens or pilot parallels. Fountain Pen Inks Fountain pen ink is a solution, which means it is a fluid that it made up of a solvent … Read more