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Me (Richard)

Well hello there! I’m Richard, born and raised in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I run Calligrascape where we try to teach the art of calligraphy as a clear step-by-step process. We try to encourage and inspire any who are interested in learning this art, even when they don’t think they are an “artsy” person. This is done through the correct tools, proper methods, and most importantly consistent practice.

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What We Do Here.

Backstory of Calligrascape

After deciding to switch from university to college, I took a step back for 4 months and realized I had a lot of spare time that I wasn’t used to. Engineering isn’t really known for it’s fun. So after a lot of internet browsing I found some post that told me to pick up skills or hobbies. That 4 month break was some of the most rewarding time of personal growth I have had. I picked up the gym, guitar, photoshop, and calligraphy in that semester and I am so glad I did. Now these things are how I relax and feel good everyday and wouldn’t trade that time for the world.

During those 4 months I started posting calligraphy for no other reason but keep my self consistently creating/practicing. Then one summer at our cottage I brought some calligraphy into my kayak and took a picture holding it up with a scenic background. I didn’t think anything of it, but I kept posting things like it because heck I thought it was neat. That summer I started the @calligrascape Instagram based on a portmanteau of Calligraphy and Landscape. It had such a ring to it and it didn’t seem like anyone had a name/hashtag for this kind of picture (Below).

Explore - Calligrascape
My first #Calligrascape in Parry Sound ON, Canada

From there I had people posting this kind of photo on their travels, and would tag me @calligrascape or #calligrascape. And I would repost them on Instagram. I still do it today.

A simple #Calligrascape in Tobermory ON, Canada

I still don’t really know the full direction I want for this site, but I hope to bring calligraphers and travelers all around the world together to share the beauty of their calligraphy and homeland (or someone else’s). I would also like to teach the traveling photographers calligraphy and teach the calligraphers to travel!

Alberta, Canada

I wouldn’t call myself an artist just yet. I still have a long way to go, but I would welcome you to join me on this Calligrascape adventure.

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