About Me

So, umm… hey!


I’m Richard, born and raised in Ontario, Canada. When I grew up I was never really an artsy person outside of doodling on pages and casually taking photos with my parents camera. Actually, my first (and only) art class in high school our teacher didn’t really know anything and was fired for throwing a chair at one of my classmates, gooooood times. I quickly got out of art after that, not because of crazy but because I didn’t really like being told “how to art,” whatever that was.

I initially went to McMaster University for electrical engineering, but 2 years in I hated it, I wasn’t failing but I definitely wasn’t doing well. At this point I decided to switch out of university and take a college approach. I took a step back for 4 months and realized I had a lot of spare time that I wasn’t used to. Engineering isn’t really known for it’s fun. So after a lot of internet browsing I found some post that told me to pick up skills or hobbies. That 4 month break was some of the most rewarding time of personal growth I have had. I picked up the gym, guitar, photoshop, and calligraphy in that semester and I am so glad I did. Now these things are how I relax and feel good everyday and wouldn’t trade that time for the world.

During those 4 months I got a new phone for Christmas that didn’t take potato quality pictures and I created my original Instagram calligraphy page @richardwideman. Then I started posting calligraphy for no other reason but keep my self consistently creating/practicing. Then in the summer of 2014 at my cottage I brought some calligraphy into my kayak and took a picture holding it up with a scenic background. Nobody thought anything of it including myself, but I kept posting things like it because heck I thought it was neat. That summer I started the @calligrascape Instagram because it had such a ring to it and it didn’t seem like anyone had a name/hashtag for this kind of picture.


Late 2015 it dawned on me that with a little work I could make a hobby into something much bigger. Here I had a decent idea and a good name, it just took some time and effort put into it. I still don’t really know the direction I want for this site, but I hope to bring calligraphers and travelers all around the world together to share the beauty of their calligraphy and homeland (or someone else’s). I would also like to teach the traveling photographers calligraphy and teach the calligraphers to travel!

I wouldn’t call myself an artist just yet. I still have a long way to go, but I would welcome you to join me on this Calligrascape adventure.