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Quick Reference Guide:

  1. Learn – Complete beginners or calligraphers alike can learn the basic strokes or more advanced techniques from a variety of scripts and styles.
  2. Practice – Practice sheets (Free and Premium) available and some methods in which to practice.
  3. Need Tools? – Complete list of calligraphy tools that you can get online, as well as some ways to make calligraphy with stuff you already have.
  4. Inspire – Shows off projects from the Calligrascape community! From where we’ve been to calligraphy compilations!


Complete Beginners Guide

Don’t know what kind of calligraphy you want to learn? Or want to see the types and styles you can learn? Check out this helpful guide.

Learn Modern Calligraphy

A great alphabet to start with to give you the basics of calligraphy and later on you can tackle some of the more structured kinds. (Modern Brush Post)

custom Blackletter

Learn Blackletter Calligraphy

Blackletter is my personal favourite family of scripts. There are many alphabets that fall into this category, check them out in this post.

Learn Copperplate Calligraphy

One of the most difficult pointed pen scripts, but with enough practice and the many available ways to learn, you can do it.


Practice sheets are one of the best ways of learning calligraphy. They give you a task that you have to complete again and again which helps build procedural knowledge, (or muscle memory) to make every letter you make match the guide letters. With the Master Class practice sheets, it starts you off with basic strokes, to difficult connections, to letters, to flourishes than moves onto words and compositions. The sheets, along with the accompanying video, will bring you to a proficient level of calligraphy that you can be proud of.

Just so you know:

Premium Practice Sheets

In-depth Premium Practice sheets with multiple Styles and very in-depth steps (Master Class)

How to Practice Calligraphy

Here’s a quick tutorial post on how to start practicing calligraphy and stick to it! Consistency is the most important rule of practice and this post will get you used to learning your new hobby to ensure your results are the best they can be.

Free Printable Calligraphy Practice Sheets

Basic Practice Sheets

Looking for some basic calligraphy sheets to get you started? The sheets offered in this post are just 1 alphabet (uppercase or lowercase) to get you to copy the guide letters. For a more in-depth sheets that cover everything from basic strokes to flourishing and compositions, I suggest my Master Class sheets (that I spent wayy too long on)

Need Tools?

Trying to learn calligraphy but don’t have a brush pen, pilot parallel or dip pen? Or maybe you don’t even know what those are? We’ve got you covered. This section will teach you all the tools that I use to make calligraphy and where you can get them or teach you to use stuff you already have to imitate calligraphy while practicing! So you have no tools right now and still want to learn calligraphy? Check out the 3 options below and pick what you find is the most useful to you:

Option 1: Buy the Tools of the Trade

Check out some of the professional tools calligraphers use all the time to know you are getting the right thing and not at a bad price (depends on Amazon shipping)

Option 2: Use stuff you already have to make calligraphy!

Look around your house for the tools in this post to start learning calligraphy.

Option 3: Make your own calligraphy tools!

Feeling crafty? Make blackletter and ruling pens that are as close to the real thing as possible.


This section is designed to give new calligraphers a taste of what can be done once they learn calligraphy skills like the ones taught on my Youtube Channel. I hope that these posts get people who may be thinking of giving up calligraphy something to look at and say to themselves, “I want to do that” or “One day I’ll do that, but better.” Check some of these posts out and become inspired (and then get started learning)!

Calligraphy Compilations

Some satisfying clips with chill music.

Beach Calligraphy

My “recent” passion project where I take a drone to the beach and write in the sand.

Calligrascape Map

Map of all Instagam posts on @Calligrascape, made by creators around the world!