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Complete beginners or calligraphers alike can learn the basic strokes or more advanced techniques from a variety of scripts and styles.

For complete beginners:

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Get Practicing!

Practice sheets are one of the best ways of learning calligraphy. They give you a task that you have to complete again and again which helps build procedural knowledge, (or muscle memory) to make every letter you make match the guide letters.

Practice sheets (Free and Premium) available and some methods in which to practice.

Just so you know:

Need Calligraphy Tools?

Complete list of calligraphy tools that you can get online, as well as some ways to make calligraphy with stuff you already have.

If you have no idea where to start this post below is for you:

Check out the 3 options below and pick what you find is the most useful to you:

Get Inspired!

Below is a post containing 15 real-world ways to use calligraphy. Time for inspiration!

This section is designed to give new calligraphers a taste of what can be done once they learn calligraphy skills like the ones taught on my Youtube Channel or website. I hope that these posts get people who may be thinking of giving up calligraphy something to look at and say to themselves, “I want to do that” or “One day I’ll do that, but better.” Check some of these posts out and become inspired (and then get started learning)!

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