What is a Calligrascape?


The definition of a calligrascape is simple, it is a combination of the written art of calligraphy with less Photoshop and more exploring!

Above is all the mapped photos to date. If you click on any red marker you will go to the Instagram picture that was taken in that location.

We are currently missing a bunch of countries but if you see any empty spots on the map near you, go explore and take some shots! I will tell you how in the later part of this post. I would freaking lose it if we got one in every country. 🙂

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Current country count: 67/195
Canadian Provinces: 6/13
American States: 29/50 

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Wonders of the world

How It Came About

Although I am not the first person to hold a piece of writing in front of a camera, I thought it would be a good idea to give the type of image a hashtag. I was quite curious about the styles around the world and the places calligraphy has gotten to. So calligraphy + landscape = calligrascape, pretty simple but it has a nice sort of ring to it. I see it like this, in most cases you will be the first person to take a picture like this on top of your country’s famous mountain or in front of that important landmark or statue. It’s like there’s a whole new frontier of traveling and taking pictures. Are you up for the adventure? Because I cannot wait to see what we all come up with.

The 6 Steps to Follow to Get Featured:

1-  No Photoshop or computer editing of any kind (You are supposed to be there!)
2- Write some calligraphy or lettering/typography (I don’t discriminate)
3- “Geotag” it or tell me the closest identifiable city (How else am I supposed to add it to the map^)
4-  Include an interesting or identifiable or (at the very least) pretty landscape or background. Does the photo make you want to be there personally? The goal is to inspire wanderlust and creativity.
5- Make sure the lettering you are holding doesn’t cover more than (~50%) of the landscape or background (try cutting your lettering out so you can see more of the background)
6- Follow the @calligrascape Instagram page for ideas 🙂

If you would like to submit a non Instagram post (making it high quality) Contact me by going here

Remember, it’s not a contest on whose is better but a way to showcase your calligraphy and your country (or someone else’s).


So get out there, explore and write! Then write about exploring…. then repeat.

Take a hike folks,


Want to Learn Calligraphy?

Check out the many free resources here at Calligrascape (all posts have free practice sheets):

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